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This package includes the perfect gift for the adventurous student in your life! The Cliffhanger package features a gift card to Scrapyard Climbing Collective, a local rock climbing and bouldering gym. This pass covers climbing for a day, all equipment rentals, and required training ($26 value). In addition, we have included some snacks to keep your energy levels up while you climb. Also included is a bar of Allstar Grooming Co. soap to help them feel refreshed afterwards. Cliffhanger is the perfect way to combine fun and fitness, climb on!


SKU: 0002
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Day pass to Scrapyard Climbing Collective
      • All day Climbing
      • Equipment Rental
      • Training
    • 2 Cliff Bars 
    • Allstar Grooming co. Bar of Soap (Tea Tree Mint)
    • Double dipped chocolate covered peanuts


  • Enter in the address of your student's dorm hall, cottage, or apartment and then add room number or apartment number as your checking out and we will hand deliver your student's care package. If the recipient isn't present during our delivery, the care package will be taken to the mailroom for pick up. Or put in the mailroom's address and we'll deliver their care package there for pick up by your student. 

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