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It's that time of year and the sniffles are on the rise. We know it can be hard to know your Hope student has fallen ill but you're too far away to care for them, and the demands of college don't stop just because they're under the weather. We've put together this package, inspired by a special package we put together for a Hope mother who lives out of country, with everything you're student needs to fight through illness and continuen to be successful with the responsibilities of college. We have travel sized items for combating the spread of sickness and mutliple items for hot food/beverage to help with sore throats and congestion. Make sure to fill out the note box below in order to have a note in the get well soon card as well!

Sick Box

SKU: 0010
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Lemonjello's Coffee Mug
    • $10 gift card to Lemonjello's Coffee
    • 1 microwaveable cup of chicken noodle soup
    • 2 packages of travel tissue
    • 2 packages of gatorade powder
    • 1 travel size bottle of hand-sanitizer
    • Get well soon card
  • Enter in the address of your student's dorm hall, cottage, or apartment and then add room number or apartment number as your checking out and we will hand deliver your student's care package. If the recipient isn't present during our delivery, the care package will be taken to the mailroom for pick up. Or put in the mailroom's address and we'll deliver their care package there for pick up by your student. 

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