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We all know that one student who takes there freedom in college a little too serious by skipping a shower or two. Or the student-athlete who likes to give their 100% on the field but enjoys a good clean up. This package includes high quality, all-natural, and great smelling hygiene products from a Hope parent owned company coming to you in one big bundle so you can save. This package will help your student feel fresh, cool, clean, and confident throughout their day.

The Stinky Freshman

SKU: 0003
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • All products provided by Allstar Grooming Co.

    - 1 bar of soap (Tea Tree Mint)

    - 1 bottle of shampoo (Tea Tree Mint)

    - 1 stick of lip balm (Herbal Mint)

    -1 bottle of mosturizer (Tea Tree Mint)

  • Enter in the address of your student's dorm hall, cottage, or apartment and then add room number or apartment number as your checking out and we will hand deliver your student's care package. If the recipient isn't present during our delivery, the care package will be taken to the mailroom for pick up. Or put in the mailroom's address and we'll deliver their care package there for pick up by your student. 

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