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How We Function

We are a small company created by Hope College students to serve Hope College students and their families. Our purpose is to help not only make college a more comfortable place but also to help parents stay connected with their Hope College students. We put together and deliver care packages to your student's housing, or to the campus mailroom for your student to pick up. We attempt once with delivery to student housing and if the recipient isn't present at the time of delivery, we deliver the package to the campus mailroom where they will be notified to pick it up at their convenience. This ensures the packages get to the correct students

Our boxes are made on demand. Once an order is placed, a box is made and will be brought to the desired location within a one week following the order. Our boxes are centered around the experience of college and the unique wonders of Holland, Michigan. Many of our boxes include gift cards to partnering businesses such as Crust 54, Lemonjello's Coffee, Holland Peanut Store, Scrapyard Climbing Collective, and Sperry's Moviehouse located in the neighboring downtown Holland in order to encourage your student to enjoy all the downtown area has to offer. Also, we have partnered with a pair of Hope College parents who own Allstar Grooming co. to make their hygiene products available for Hope students for a great price.

Three out of 5 care-package options each month (our Anchored Selection) are consistently available in order to make sure your student can get the basic support that they need at all times. One out of 5 of the care package options will change every month in order to bring some extra excitement in celebrating different times of the academic year. The final care-package option will be a mixture of gift certificates and gift cards to our partnered businesses that will change each month to create a new Holland adventure for your Hope student.

Any comments or questions for us? Please visit our "Contact" page to send us an email. We'd love to here from you!

Privacy & Safety

We guarantee that any names, addresses, housing locations, payment information, and any other personal details used to purchase our care packages will stay protected and private. We keep all business confidential and professional.

For your student's safety, please make sure to email us about any allergies if there is concern with package contents. Also please encourage your students to handle the contents of the products responsibly and with care.

Terms of Service

Anchor Box is not responsible for the whereabouts of any of our care packages or care package contents after successful delivery. If items are missing from the box entirely, please contact us at and we will do our best to make it right. Anchor Box unfortunately does not issue refunds for any sold care packages after they have been successfully delivered. 

Anchor Box is not responsible for the uses of the products contained within our care packages. If anyone should receive harm or any other negative impact due to reckless behavior with any of our products, Anchor Box will not be held responsible. If anyone were to use the products of Anchor Box for criminal behavior or troublesome behavior that involve legal or collegiate punishment after the successful delivery of the package, Anchor Box can not be held responsible for the criminal actions or consequences of the individual(s) in question.

Anchor Box holds the right to cancel any subscriptions and block all contact with any individual harassing or abusing our site, our partner businesses, our other customers, or our contact information. Anchor Box will not tolerate any form of harassment against us or others.

Anchor Box currently only serves present-day students and faculty of Hope College. Any order that has an address outside of student housing or campus buildings will result in the customer being contacted and the order may be canceled and refunded. 

Finally, Anchor Box is here for you. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, and know that we are here to serve you and help you keep in contact with your Hope College students.

To do any form of business with us is to agree to all statements made above.

A reminder: this is not a Hope College business. This company is a completely separate entity owned and run by Hope College students so if there are any issues or problems, please contact us about them at Hope College is not associated with our company and therefore cannot be held responsible nor should they be bothered with any questions, comments, or complaints connected to Anchor Box. 
Payment Methods
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Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards

• Offline Payments

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